Energy Healing Therapy:

Basic Energy Healing Therapy:
Fees ﹕ US$ 500.00 each session
This can help clients with common chronicle diseases which are difficult to be cured by regular medicine.  Those illnesses often bring people inconvenience and uncomfortable symptoms in their daily lives.

Enhanced Energy Healing Therapy:   
Fees ﹕ US$ 800.00 each session
This can help clients with serious illnesses which common medical treatment often fails to help.   Those illnesses severely affect patients’ health condition. The successful rate is 95% and higher.

Intensive Energy Healing Therapy:
Fees ﹕Starts at US$ 1000.00 each session, consult in person
This can help clients with life threatening diseases which regular medical treatments offered very low recovery rate. (Such as cancer, stroke, and heart problems, etc.). The successful rate is 90% and higher.

We offer 15-minutes free consultation, after 15 minutes, a fee of 30% to50% of the basic session will be applied.

        Since we are using the “high performance” technology, to reach the same result, the combined cost of time and money needed by our method actually is lower than regular medical treatments. In another word, comparing the same amount of time and money spent, our results are much better than any other methods.  We have the confidence that when there is a need for a very high efficiency technology to help the clients, we are able to offer you the results that no other methods can achieve.

        The reason that we can help many incurable diseases considered by modern medical science, and offer very high successful rate is  we utilize the high performance biological energy to comprehensively adjust client’s human body biological systems (the cause of illnesses is usually a combination of various problems in multiple systems instead of a single reason in an isolated area).  Also, we are able to repair human body system and illness energy system from its basic building blocks – cells.  (It’s similar to the technique of living biological nanometer, but not exactly the same).  If the internal structure of a virus’, bacterium’s or irregular cells’ living energy system is reconfigured on the level of these minute components, diseases can be cured automatically.

        The technique of reconfiguring primary energy structure to cure illnesses is able to help many people which modern medical science fails to offer.  This is beyond regular medical treatments and could be a focus on future medical studies.  We have successfully applied this technique not only on numerous clients in the past 20 years, but also conducted many scientific experiments with reputable institutions and received promising results.  Please refer to the section of experiments for details.