My name is Xial Yang Zhong. I’m 42 years old. I was very fortunate to meet Master Li and learn about his theory of the Multi-dimensional Unified Universal Energy in 2007.  I become one of his faithful followers ever since. Over the past two years, I have received energy adjustment sessions from Master Li in addition to reading his books and practicing the Universal Energy exercises. My early sessions focused on appearance and rejuvenation. Each session lasted for an hour. After just two sessions, there were obvious improvements on my face. My facial skin became firmer and my eyes became brighter. After a few more sessions, surprisingly, even my facial features improved and my eyes were filled with youthful glow. That was something a middle-aged woman would never have. I looked like I was in my twenties. My friends were surprised when they saw me became much younger and more energetic in such a short period of time. Furthermore, I felt more and more vitalized. I have really experienced the dramatic effects on a person’s mind, spirit and appearance from Master Li’s Energy treatment.  

                 In early 2008, my husband and I planned to have a baby, but we did not succeed after a few months of trying. I was very anxious and afraid that due to my age, my chance of conceiving a baby might be lower than a younger woman. Then someone suggested to me that I should have a checkup in the UCSF Center for Reproductive Health (one of the best medical centers for infertility in the States).  I made an appointment with specialist Dr. Mitchell P. Rosen. Dr. Rosen said that age was indeed a big cause of infertility since conceiving a baby requires many body systems to work harmony together. When a woman is over the age of 35, she has passed the prime time for conception in her life. A variety of imbalances would occur to her reproductive system, causing the possibility of conception to decline more and more each year, and there is a drastic decline when a woman is over forty. I was disappointed at the news and felt there was probably no hope left behind. Seeing I was nearly depressed, Dr. Rosen said to me, “Come, I’ll give you a thorough gynecological check-up and see what the cause is. Then we can select the right treatment. If that doesn’t work, we can still do IVF for you. But we can’t guarantee its success…” 

                In the following month, Dr. Rosen did several exams and found out the cause of my infertility was that the number of mature eggs released in my body every month was much lower than average. A healthy woman in my age produces 7 to 10 mature eggs. The strongest one of them comes out of the ovary to the fallopian tube and becomes available to be fertilized. I, on the contrary, had only 1 to 2 mature eggs, so even the stronger one of them may no be healthy enough to be fertilized; therefore, the chance of conception was greatly reduced to almost none. That was something I never could have imagined. When the doctor read the test results, he suggested me to take certain medicine which may stimulate formation of multiple eggs, but success was not guaranteed. 

                I went home feeling depressed. Then suddenly Master Li’s Universal Energy Healing came to mind. Since Master Li could rejuvenate me and make me look younger by a decade with his energy treatments, he must be able to improve my physical and physiological states, and even rejuvenate my reproductive system. If so, my infertility problem would be resolved completely. Therefore, I talked to Master Li and told him about the results of the check-up as well as my thoughts of treatments targeting infertility. Master Li said briefly and calmly that he could try. The treatment began in July 2008. After taking few sessions in about a little over one month, surprisingly I found myself pregnant in early September 2008. During that period of time, I never returned to the hospital and never taken any treatments or medicine Dr. Rosen suggested. The only thing I did was taking Master Li’s energy sessions and my wish was granted in a very short time. This was a miracle that I and my husband could never dream of. Master Li’s energy healing truly goes beyond the knowledge of current medical science. Only when you experience Master Li’s Universal Energy healing in person can you actually understand its immense supernatural power.  

- Xial Yang Zhong, Silicon Valley, California, USA