2012 Energy Rejuvenation Research

Research Volunteer:
Name: Wilson
Gender: Male
Age: fifty three
Occupation: Computer engineer

Wilson is in good physical condition with no chronic disease. He lives in a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly.

To prove the effects of Master Li’s energy rejuvenation with blood test data. Based on previous experiences of clients, we already proved all effects of anti-aging, body rejuvenation and system upgrading from Master Li’s energy therapies. Thus, the purpose of this experiment is to further confirm that with related blood test data and study how we can use that information to promote this top notch bio-technology.

Experiment Design:
There are two groups of blood test data:
The first group will compare all blood test data of volunteer from Life Extension Laboratory before and after the experiment. Another group will co-work with Telome Health Inc. to analyze the difference of volunteer’s DNA telomere structure between before and after experiment. (Telome Health Inc. was co-founded by Elizabeth Blackburn who won Nobel Prize with other three biologist in 2009 based on their research of DNA telomere. Study on telomere length and its relationship with health/disease probability is a popular subject on modern medicine and biology field).

Difficulty on the experiment:
Well psychical conditioned volunteer need to be selected. Also, the blood test data before experiment needs to hit “normal value” and “healthy value” at his age. After experiment, the status turns even better to prove rejuvenation of body system and function.

Energy adjustment period: 65 days.
Normally, 60 days is one full cycle for cell renewal. Significant effects been brought out after the first cycle, thus, we can assume that after second or third cycles, the result will be even better (Because after the first energy adjustment cycle, body function already reaches higher level and that leads to better results on following cycles comparing with the first one).

Energy adjustment technology: Technology application from Master Li is a new generation living bio-computer technology which differs from current treatment or recuperation of Western/Chinese medicine changes body bio-system engineering from the basic structure. Thus, instead of anti-aging, rejuvenation, the process can also optimize human body and brain system. Above results are not only setting up new standard for current treatment but a breakthrough on modern biomedical field.

After 65 days energy adjustment, 8 major physical indicators related to rejuvenation of volunteer showed substantial progress (please refer to attachment 1). Certain result has been highly recognized by United States anti-aging doctors who see the great vision of its future development (please refer to attachment 2 for doctor’s analysis). This 100% natural energy adjustment technology sufficiently initiates changes from basic structure of body bio-system engineering for great effects. Furthermore, we have applied this technology on two previous distance healing experiments to eliminate 100 Thousand cancer cells and acquired 100% success. There are also large number of multinucleated cells produced during the experiment showing changes on cell structure (as for details on remote experiment of cancer cells, please refer to experiment section).

We all know that cell is the basic unit for all organs and systems inside human body. From multiple experiments we also learn that Master Li’s cutting edge technology is able to transfer, update and also restore cell structure/energy from its basic energy level. Thus, the technology owns power to cure disease, to fight aging and also to rejuvenate body systems. It is like what we observe on physics and chemistry, while structure changes on basic materials like electron inside molecule, subject nature also transferred.

Core technology of this adjustment is to transform bio-active system from basic energy structure system, thus, the effects not only limit to adjustments of organs or meridian, but update and total repair all structure and energy for brain, nervous system, meridian, lymphoid and marrow cell to accelerate growth of stem cells, improve the abilities of self recover and effect the deep micro-circulatory system to recover and improvement results that general medicine cannot achieve ever. There are a lot of real case experience also to approve above statements, from helping a 26 weeks preterm baby, to cure diseases cannot be treated by traditional Chinese medicine or Western medicine. Besides, this technology helps an 88 years old lady to cure her illness and rejuvenate body function, even looks younger than her 70s with more creative mind set also. This year, the lady turns 92, but not only able to live independently, creating new recipes, but owning better visual ability, memory and thinking ability than her kids. Furthermore, she owns clear logic and being amazingly articulate.

Even with current top notch technologies (stem cell, nanotechnology, biomedical, quantum technology and etc.), modern science cannot achieve above experimental results and real case experience; this also demonstrates the extraordinary function and great vision of this new technology.