The Universal Energy Foundation

Our Mission is to apply the theory of Multi-Dimensional Unified Universal Energy to improve and protect ecosystem, to accomplish true scientific civilization and to promote the concept of new life science.

Create a Scientific Institution:
  • Promote the theory of Multi-Dimensional Unified Universal Energy.
  • Gather all resources, manpower and funding to protect our environment. Increase human awareness about the importance of Mother Nature, and correct our behavior to avoid further damage to our ecosystem.
  • Cooperate with those who have same vision and work with the highest level Qigong Masters in the world to develop this scientific institution.
  • Allow general public to experience and benefit from the extraordinary power generated by those Qigong Masters.
  • In order to help people escape from distress and misery, we will educate and train people around the world to develop their body system to reach a higher efficiency level and evolve to a higher lifestyle.
Planning Details:
Utilize our special resources, techniques and channels to reach following categories which can benefit our society in bringing about strong economic development and positive employment opportunities.
  • Establish center to promote the theory of Multi-Dimensional Unified Universal Energy. Promote the new knowledge of macro-cosmos and nature’s living system, human body engineering science, especially the development of brain function.
  • Set up an environmental research center. Promote the concept of a green earth. Study effective environmental modalities to protect our ecosystem.
  • Establish recovery center to help prevent and promote recovery from cancer and many other chronic and terminal diseases.
  • Establish rejuvenating center to study how to bring back our youth and prolong human longevity towards an average age of 120 years old.
  • Establish research institute to study mind-function developing skills and create education center to teach and train high level people.
Our Special Resources:
  • We have “Multi-Dimensional Unified Universal Energy” as our fundamental theory.
  • We are working with those well-known energy scientists to validate our abilities.
  • We are able to obtain high-power Qigong Masters and leading Chinese medicine doctors to work as a team.
  • We can offer the techniques to forecast diagnostic, live quantum, live Nanometer, and creating high energy field, etc.
  • Our treatment combines Qigong, Western medicine, Chinese medicine, herbal meals, future medical science and basic energy.
  • We specialize in helping people diagnosed with serious diseases which normal medicine can not cure. We also can bring in live energy from universe and combined it with energy from music, frequency, light, etc., to help adjusting a patient’s body system to reach a balanced state.
Source of Funds:
Based on the principle of capitalizing on financial and expertise resources from benevolent and professional people, a beautiful and healthy ecosystem will be created resulting in promoting a unified and generous society full of different charitable resources. Therefore we would expect to seek funds from the follows:
  • Contributions from large enterprises
  • Non-profit and religious organizations
  • From generous individuals
Finally, our foundation will help our donors maintain their health conditions and personal care.