The application of the Theory of Multi-dimensional Unified Universal Energy –

Fortify Health Condition and Strengthen Vitality 

      We become ill because our living biological energy system is no longer balanced within our body.  Some imbalances are caused by external energies, such as those of bacteria and viruses, that invade our system. Some are caused by certain energies in our diets, some by energies of harmful hormones produced as the result of stress, depression, exhaustion, and so forth, and some by abnormal energy structures in the genetic system.  

      Despite their differences in diagnostic methods, both Western and Chinese medicine treat diseases with the energies of medicines. Their procedures are equally complicated and both employ a vast number of specific medicines.  Both aim to restore the healthy balance of the human body’s living energy system. However, many kinds of medicine, while curing a specific disease, cause side effects that upset the balance of other systems. That is why renowned ancient Chinese medicine doctors have often stated that Qi is the best medicine.  What is called “Qi” is actually subtle energy.  Such energy is one of the primary components that form the biological system (which includes physical elements such as the cellular structure) in nature.  

      The transformation of energetic components can promote changes in the biological energy structures in a cell. Some of these changes are similar to electron transport.  Energetic transformation can fundamentally change a person’s physical condition despite the fact that it operates in a subtle way upon the smallest components of his physical structure.    

      Since ancient times, all highly-functioning practitioners have pursued a state that unified their individual human system with the energies of the universe.  Achieving this requires placing one’s living biological energy system within nature’s higher-level living energy system, and allowing the energy of nature, which creates all life forms, not only to help the human to restore balance and to regain health, but also to improve upon the inherently weak human biological system, to enhance its vitality, and to fully develop its potential as a highly-functioning human system in harmony with universal energy. 

      We should not underestimate the power of the minute components of our biological system or their quantum states just because these things are subtle or small. These components are powerful in that they can transform the characteristics of molecules. If the internal structure of a virus’ or bacterium’s living energy system is reconfigured on the level of these minute components, diseases can be cured automatically.  

      To reach the state of where his individual human energies are united with the energies of the universe, a practitioner needs to be able to connect to nature’s living energy system on a spiritual level.  In order to do so, besides sincere and diligent practice, most importantly, he/she must feel grateful at all times to Mother Nature, who nourishes and creates all life forms.  This requires taking responsibility for protecting Mother Nature’s living energy system and for preventing destruction of the system’s functioning. Only by doing so can he/she truly connect to, integrate into and unify with nature.  

      A highly-functioning energy healer especially needs to reach this state to be supported by the nature’s high-performance living energy system and thus to provide his/her service to adjust others’ biological energy systems, to help them improve health and even to achieve rejuvenation.  Because he is supported by nature, his treatment is rendered more effective.  One who receives energy balancing therapy should feel grateful to nature and embrace the attitude of serving nature in return at all times so as to be effectively assisted by nature’s high-performance living energy system.

 The Universal Energy Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization(ID 20-5350021). Our Mission is to apply the theory of Multi-Dimensional Unified Universal Energy to improve and protect ecosystem, to accomplish true scientific civilization and to promote the concept of new life science. We put all of our proceeds into environmental protection projects, and we have already helped planting over 30,000 trees worldwide. Founder Jixing Li is an enthusiastic environmentalist and has pursued energy cultivation more than 10 hours per day over the past 20 years. The effectiveness of Master Li’s energy healing been covered in Japanese TV programs countless times.  He has also successfully conducted two extremely difficult scientific experiments involving long-distance energy transmission in the US where he transformed the structures of cancer cells in incubators.  (For more details regarding these experiments, please see Experiment section).   Now we are facing rapidly worsen environment which already threaten our survival.  Here we’d like to urge everyone immediately taking actions to save our ecosystem to save ourselves. Our Foundation is willing to provide our unique services free of charge to those who participate in environmental protection projects or promote the concept of new life science and culture. We will be able to help you to achieve your goals of improving health condition, strengthen vitality and immune system and even obtain longevity and rejuvenation. Please contact us for detail information.