Board of Directors – listed by last name

Kyoichi Matarai – Board Member
Director, Corporate Strategy, NEC Electronics America, Inc
Mr. Matarai is specialized in marketing of semiconductor products and business developments which include establishing joint ventures, merger and acquisition. He became interested in invisible energies and the power of intentions when he first read Master Li’s best selling book – Power of Qi in Japan. After taking healing classes from Master Li, now he is also an energy healer. 

Mark Newkirk – Board Member
Marc S. Newkirk is the founder or co-founder of half a dozen businesses in the field of advanced materials, and a named inventor on more than a hundred U.S. and nine hundred foreign issued patents.  He is a member of the U.S. National Academy of Engineering, and a recipient of medals awarded by Brown University and The Franklin Institute, and the Application to Practice Award of the Minerals, Metals and Materials Society.  His current focus is on the creation and commercialization of technologies that illustrate the nexus between consciousness and what we perceive to be physical reality. 

Allan Tsai – Board Member
M.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering, U.C. Santa Barbara, CA
Deputy Director, TSMC North America, San Jose, CA
Allan Tsai has over 20 years’ extensive experience in semiconductor Foundry sales, ASIC sales & engineering. His proven ability in problem solving and excellent business and communication skills make him an excellent officer in charging the marketing division of the Universal Energy foundation. 

Andrew Wu Ph.D.,L.Ac – Board Member
Oriental Medical Doctor, South Baylo University, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Doctor of Philosophy in Medical Science, Medical Doctor, Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tianjin, China
President and Founder, Alliance of World’s Traditional Medicine, San Jose, CA, USA
Dr. Wu has over 40 years experience in TCM clinical practice, and he is also the author of dozens of books and articles. He has been interviewed by multiple international media for his discoveries of new acupuncture points and treatment methods. His clinic located in Cupertino, CA is recognized as one of the best Chinese Medical Center in Northern California.

Nick Zhang - Treasurer
MBA, George Washington University
His return to China in 1991 as Director of New Business Development for Xi'an Janssen (Johnson & Johnson's earliest, largest and most successful venture in China) made him one of the first of the management class now commonly called "returnees" - native-born Chinese who return to the mainland after an education overseas.

Having worked in the senior management of foreign invested pharmaceutical, private equity, and manufacturing businesses, Nick moved into telecommunications when he became the founding CEO of Linktone, the now NASDAQ listed mobile date content provider that pioneered the mobile data sector in Shanghai. Later, his turnaround and subsequent sale of Mobile2Win (a company operating in India and China, with investment from Softbank, Siemens, Temasek and others) to Disney Interactive cemented his track record of success as a manager of Chinas-based start ups and turnarounds, regardless of the sector or the cultural diversity of the workforce and investors.