The application of the Theory of Multi-Dimensional Unified Universal Energy –

Achieve Longevity and Rejuvenation 

Stem cell research is a new trend in biology science. Even the Silicon Valley, the home of the world’s leading computer technology, is shifting its focus towards biotechnology. And one of the major researches is on the rejuvenation, which shows us the wishes and desire of the general public. Thus, we choose the new technology of restructuring human body engineering and living energy system; and making the rejuvenation as our first choice to introduce this new type of science and philosophy. Furthermore, we will use factual effects and results to prove the scientific legitimacy of this new theory. The research of stem cell requires a massive and long term effort; when will the research bring forth a comprehensive result is still unknown. However, our fusion of

modern and ancient technology has long yield successful effects. We welcome your invitation and we will use results to proof the capability of this new philosophy, science, and technology. 

How to use this technology to achieve longevity and rejuvenation?

This is a method of transforming Living Human Body Energy system via fundamental energy structure. This method is not limited to the common mind set of replenishing and tuning the Qi energy. It includes replenishing and tuning both the energy and structure in the sub cell level of the brain, nerve, meridians, body fluid, bone marrow, and internal organs. This method is repairing and renewing at the fundamental energy level. This is more then just boosting the immune system, it holistically improves human body’s adaptation capability towards

the natural environment. It also strengthens our vitality, therefore, much more then the manifestation of a younger looking face, it actually reverse the entire body system to its younger state. Thus, it is similar to reverse time traveling. Using a limited investment to “reverse aging” for ten, thirty, or forty years of priceless youth. 


• Improve skin’s texture, tone, and color; diminish facial wrinkles; skin looks healthy and radiance; eyes become illumination and clear. Face becomes fresh, vigor, and lively. These will certainly prolong the professional life span of models, actors, and actresses and also improve the quality of their work.

• Energetic, fill with vitality and strength physically, it can help athletes to improve their records.

• Holistically improve physical functions and brain system, the intellect professionals are able to improve the effectiveness of their works in addition to increase creativity and intelligence. The decision makers could achieve a second peak in their career.

• Improve the quality of life; you will be able to better enjoy and appreciate your life. 

What it differs from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)?

Normally a long period of treatment is needed for TCM to yield a substantial result, and after achieving a certain effect further improvement is difficult. In contrast, by tuning the bio energy of human body, substantial result could be obtained in a rather short period of time. The result could be persistently improving after a longer period of practicing. Tuning energy is not only to repair but also renew the human body system. Thus, this method could rejuvenate and reverse aging while transforming from illness to a healthy condition. 

What it differs from the western cosmetic surgery?

Within the paradigm of western cosmetic practice, disregard of the classical plastic surgery or the modern laser face lift where high technology instruments are used; these kind of the treatments focus only on the surface instead of solving the body system aging in a deeper lever. Thus, the result could not last long, and it would not improve body’s condition. Also it would not make the skin looks healthy and radiance; it certainly will not fill one with vitality and youth. Surgery is painful; surgery may damage human body system and also comes with risk. Energy tuning method is performed in a comfortable living energy environment. It fine tunes your internal energy to its peak state, let you truly regain your youth.