The Theory of Multi-Dimensional Unified Universal Energy –  

Developed by Master Jixing Li 

      This theory is based on a new philosophy which incorporates the concept of invisible energy and manifest energy to replace the old three-dimensional material based philosophy – a philosophy has limited our thoughts in a three-dimensional space and could not explain and recognize many phenomena happened in the objective reality. We think this new philosophy can better explain those phenomena in our universe because; first, in recent years, scientists already discover that there are “energies” beyond “material and spirit”. Second, those invisible energies have extraordinary functions; they can affect material and other energies, in particular, biological energy systems of human body and illness. And those effects which are beyond regular sense have been observed and recorded in the past and proved through scientific experiments.  

      Due to the lack of knowledge, our existing philosophy can’t recognize and utilize those high performance, high intelligent, high function energies of nature and the universe. Therefore, we are not able to develop an efficient technique to improve our health, enhance our living energy system, and achieve rejuvenation and longevity. In this theory, Jixing Li also brought up the principle of “the comprehensive balance of the universal energy system movement” and the close relationship between human body living system, the living biological instruments (includes living biological computer, living biological antenna, living biological software, etc) and the living systems of nature and the universe. We will be able to truly understand how important it is to protect our environment and nature by realizing the value of nature’s living energy system and its influence on our body. 

      Base on this philosophy, not only we could develop our body function to an unprecedented stage, we could even change our fate and inherited DNA system. This is a theory combines nature’s science, life science and fatalism. It is also a live art which is able to restructure human body biological engineering. 

Result: Go back to the time when you were young, healthy and full of energy.

Improve health condition, strengthen vitality and immune system, achieve longevity and rejuvenation, increase intelligence, develop brain functions, it can even upgrade inherited DNA system