The Universal Energy Foundation
 is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization(ID 20-5350021).  

Our Mission is to apply the theory of Multi-Dimensional Unified Universal Energy to improve and protect ecosystem, to accomplish true scientific civilization and to promote the concept of new life science. Our net proceeds donate to individual/organizations who share the same goals, and we have already helped planting over 30,000 trees worldwide. (Please see attachment for a couple of receipts from American Forests Foundation)

Now we are facing rapidly worsen environment which already threaten our survival.  Here we’d like to urge everyone to take immediate actions to save our ecosystem to save ourselves. Our Foundation is willing to provide our unique services free of charge to those who participate in environmental protection projects or promote the concept of new life science and culture. We will be able to help you to achieve your goals of improving health condition, strengthen vitality and immune system and even obtain longevity and achieve rejuvenation. Our team can also be health consultant for organizations. We offer seminars to employees for the new health concept of the 21st century.  For key personnel, we can provide the most scientific and advanced health care system. This includes early diagnostic of diseases, illnesses preventing, and improvements of physical condition as well as intelligent level. Make them healthier, younger, more creative, and more competitive.

Donations could be made to our foundation as well as any reputable organizations with our approval in advance, Please contact us by phone: 408-469-4514 or email: for details. 


Jixing Li – Chairman and Founder 

Board of Directors 

Advisory Board Members